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Welcome to the Healing-thru-Art Blog

by Dawn M Roeske in About Me

Today, I set forth on a journey, a path leading through the shadows of my past, the hopeful glimmers of my present, and the boundless potential of my future. These experiences, these memories, and these aspirations will all find a place here in my very first blog post.

As I begin this blog, my initial step is to guide us back to a pivotal moment from the early ’90s. I want to share a piece of my history with you, a newspaper clipping that holds within its faded lines the beginning of my story. This moment, caught on paper, has resonated through the years, influencing the art I create today.

I think I win the big bangs award! back row, 2nd from left!!

In the photograph, among the laid-back attire and the quintessential big ’90s hair, you’ll see a high school student from Ridgeview High School in Colfax, Illinois. That student is me. I was one of nine individuals recognized for our artistic endeavors. Yet, this shared recognition conceals a personal narrative that was just beginning to take shape.

In my hands, I held a painting, my creation that won me the award. Each brushstroke was more than a testament to my artistic abilities—it was a part of my narrative, an attempt to seek validation from a dominant figure in my life. The public accolades for my art were a stark contrast to the private struggles I was experiencing.

This photograph, a snapshot from another era, serves as a kindling to the phoenix of my art. It marks the onset of a journey—one that transcends personal struggle and trauma, eventually rising from the ashes into a sunflower of healing and self-empowerment, just like a phoenix.

Through this blog, I will invite you into my world and share with you the transformative journey of art as a means of healing. We will delve into the profound impact that art can have on our lives and its capacity to usher in transformation. Together, we will explore the nuances of Healing-thru-Art, discovering the strength found in resilience, the transformation that comes after trauma, and the freedom that emerges from genuine self-expression.

So, here’s a heartfelt welcome to my Healing-thru-Art blog—a space where art meets healing, exploration inspires discovery, and trauma transforms into growth. With anticipation and enthusiasm, I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, we will explore, learn, and embrace the liberating power of art.

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