Welcome to my wonderful imagination, a place where the creation of striking imagery elicits joy and much-needed transformation. I am Dawn Roeske, passionate artist, dedicated advocate, proud momma bear to six-year-old twin cubs, survivor, and believer in you. I’m excited to introduce you to the healing nature that surrounds the act of making art and use it to bridge the gap between childhood trauma and mental health.

An Artist Born
I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Early on, I was greatly inspired and influenced by my artistically talented aunt and uncle. I felt the undeniable magic that surrounds the act of creating, and I was immediately obsessed. I began entering drawing contests in kindergarten, and throughout my youth, I took every art class I could. I even joined the Art Honor Society at my high school.
My intense passion naturally led me to the art program at Western Illinois University and many continuing education courses since then. I first got my foot in the door of this industry when I landed a gig hand painting touch-ups on school portraits while also relentlessly chasing down commissions. Of course, dreams don’t work unless you do, and the artist profession is absolutely incredible, but there is something even more rewarding in it for me.

Catharsis: Using Art to Transform Trauma
In adulthood, I’ve realized just how much I have leaned on art to deal with trauma, both while in the throes of it and for long after. In hindsight, it makes sense why I became so enthralled by it as a child. The healing power of creating art is irrefutable and is even backed by science!
As I move forward in my journey to wholeness, liberation, and health, I continue to use my art to calm my mind. Sadly, many survivors are silenced and shunned after revealing their truths to others. Consequently, some of us have found ourselves alone, vulnerable, and struggling with our mental health. If only more people could embrace their creativity and allow this cathartic activity to sink into those deep and painful places within, they would find their voice.
The art draws our true selves to the surface, where we can revel in its glory and find relief through colorful expression and innovation. In this way, our trauma is transformed into something beautiful! I experience profound healing with every piece I make, and I am on a mission to help others discover the life-changing force that is tangible imagination.

My Style
Like most artists, I dabble in all the mediums I have the blessed opportunity to try. However, my specialties are pen & ink (particularly stippling and pointillism), watercolors, and digital. I recently started exploring pyrography (wood burning), too! As you explore my cheerful little corner of the internet, you’ll find that much of my work is inspired by nature, but I genuinely enjoy finding the beauty in anything and everything. Even garbage can contain brilliant colors and fascinating composition if you look at it right.