Welcome to my wonderful imagination, a place where the creation of striking imagery elicits joy and much-needed transformation. I am Dawn Roeske, therapeutic artist, dedicated advocate, proud momma bear, survivor, and believer in YOU. I’m excited to introduce you to the healing nature that surrounds the act of making art and use it to bridge the gap between childhood trauma and mental health. Through my art, I weave stories and emotions, guiding myself and others on a journey of healing.

Dawn's Childhood Art - Caricature of Father
A caricature of Dawn’s father, created during her childhood, reflecting the innocent expression through art.

Nurtured by Colors: A Lifelong Romance 🎨

As a little child, crayons and papers were my best friends. My earliest scribbles and doodles were the whispers of a budding artist. My incredible aunt and uncle, both immensely talented artists, were my guiding stars. Their artistic flair deeply inspired me, and I felt the undeniable magic that surrounds the act of creating. My heart knew no bounds, and I embraced art with every fiber of my being. Throughout my youth, I immersed myself in art classes, drank in colors, and painted my dreams.

Young Dawn Roeske in a newspaper clipping, proudly holding an award-winning painting.
A cherished memory from high school, where a young Dawn (back row, 2nd left) beams with pride holding her award-winning painting.

My intense passion naturally led me to the art program at Western Illinois University and many continuing education courses since then. I first got my foot in the door of this industry when I landed a gig hand painting touch-ups on school portraits while also relentlessly chasing down commissions. Of course, dreams don’t work unless you do, and the artist profession is absolutely incredible, but there is something even more rewarding in it for me.

Catharsis: Using Art to Transform Trauma🔥

In adulthood, I’ve realized just how much I have leaned on art to deal with trauma, both while in the throes of it and for long after. In hindsight, it makes sense why I became so enthralled by it as a child. The healing power of creating art is irrefutable and is even backed by science!
As I move forward in my journey to wholeness, liberation, and health, I continue to use my art to calm my mind. Sadly, many survivors are silenced and shunned after revealing their truths to others.

Consequently, some of us have found ourselves alone, vulnerable, and struggling with our mental health. If only more people could embrace their creativity and allow this cathartic activity to sink into those deep and painful places within, they would find their voice. Art draws our true selves to the surface, where we can revel in its glory and find relief through colorful expression and innovation. In this way, our trauma is transformed into something beautiful! I experience profound healing with every piece I make, and I am on a mission to help others discover the life-changing force that is tangible imagination.

Alchemy Through Art: Healing and Transformation 🔥

As I navigated life’s waves, art became more than just a passion – it became my refuge. My canvas absorbed my tears, joy, and yearnings. Art became my alchemy, transforming pain into strength.

Realizing that the creation of art was my catharsis, I resolved to reach out to those who were silenced and struggling, just like I was. I wanted to share this incredible elixir with the world. Thus, Healing-thru-AIArt was born, using the beauty of human creativity and technology, like Midjourney’s AI art generator, to guide people towards healing and self-discovery.

My Tapestry of Styles🖌️

My art is a tapestry woven from myriad threads. From the pen & ink of my early days, where pointillism and stippling first captured my heart, I built worlds dot by dot. As the years unfolded, my palette expanded, embracing watercolors and digital art. A striking parallel emerged as I ventured into AI and coding: just like the dots in my pointillism pieces, pixels became the building blocks of my digital creations. The intricate connection between the tangible dots and digital pixels resonated deeply within me. My styles, diverse and boundless, are an ode to this beautiful interplay between traditional and modern, dots and pixels, past and present. Together, they create a tapestry of stories, emotions, and memories, woven dot by dot.

Join Me in this Journey 🌟

Step into my world and let’s traverse this path of healing through art together. Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or a kindred spirit, you’ll find it here, as we paint our journeys with colors of hope, resilience, and transformation.

Let’s transform traumas into beauty, one stroke at a time.